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About Us
    We are: Peter & Dominique Grey.
     Our business was founded decades ago in a small shop in Kingston, New Hampshire. We provide the following services in your home or office:

      Piano tuning, repairing, and restoring; interior decorating, refurbishing, re-arranging, organizing, front door curb appeal, and staging of homes. Additionally, we engage in responsible forestry practices here on our property, harvesting selected trees such as wild black cherry, red and silver maple, red and black oak, white pine, and Norway spruce. We then mill it on our own equipment and use it in our repair shop, make bowls, plates, furniture, decorative ornaments, and more.
     Dominique is not afraid of color, so she tends to bring a bright cheerful setting to any space. She can help you make your house, cabin, cottage, apartment, condo, or dorm into a "home".  She can also decorate offices and lobby areas, too.

     Music is important to us, so we want you to be able to make the most of yours, by keeping your piano in top playing condition.
     A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
     You never know what comes up for sale at our Yellow Barn in Stratham, NH.  It is always changing. We sell vintage dining tables, side tables, chairs, coat racks, bookshelves, benches, ottomans, sideboards, coffee tables, dressers, bureaus, as well as beautiful knick-knacks, lamps, mirrors, art, area rugs, linens, vintage sheet music, etc.  All from different eras.  We have a storehouse of items elsewhere, so not everything is on the website.  Just mention what you are looking for and we may have it, in regards to pianos or furniture.

    We would be happy to meet your decorating needs as well as your piano tuning and piano repair needs.

    Peter W. Grey, RPT ("The Piano Doctor", has been tuning, servicing, and restoring pianos since 1974. He passed his examination in 1980 to become a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and has maintained that standing ever since.  He has serviced literally tens of thousands of pianos.  His specialty is restoring Steinway grand pianos, however he can, and will, fix just about any piano, in almost any shape.  We have served the seacoast of NH for more than 30 years, and the Washington DC area for 10 years. DC is a great place to make money and take care of high-end pianos in the homes of wealthy and prominent clients. We have been responsible for preparing magnificent concert instruments for artists from around the world in locations such as the French Embassy, Embassy of Austria, and Embassy of Italy, as well as caring for instruments in the private residences of their respective ambassadors, to list just a few.  But...we came back "home" to relax a little (tried to).  You can call or text Peter at 603-686-2395.

    In addition to piano work, Peter uses his woodworking and restoration skills to make sure that any piece of furniture you may purchase here is structurally sound. We do not just "buy and sell" like some other places do. We clean, repair, and upgrade it first before you ever see it. This is one of the things that distinguishes our shop from most (if not all) others in the seacoast area. 

    Dominique Grey is the "brains" behind making things look good...Peter is the "brains" behind making sure it stands up to daily use.

     We are open four afternoons a week or by appointment if another time works better for you and your guests.  

We offer gift certificates too!

     We do accept credit or debit cards.  We look forward to meeting you. 
                                      Peter & Dominique Grey
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