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Piano Technicians Guild
     Excellent resource to learn about pianos, piano technicians, and more

Piano Moving      
     We use and highly recommend these guys to move your piano

Humidity Control
     This is the manufacturer of the best and most reliable humidity control apparatus in the industry

Donate Your Piano
     In the event you need to get rid of your piano in a more "humane" way

Steinway & Sons Pianos
     Explore what is involved in building one of the finest pianos in the world

Mason & Hamlin Pianos
     Explore what is involved in building another of the world's finest instruments (and almost right around the corner in Haverhill, Mass.)

     We know Rick from when we lived and worked in the DC area. We highly recommend him as a dealer. We can assist you in choosing a good instrument from among his vast inventory.

Learn About Your Piano
     This website is a tremendous resource of information on all types of instruments and their manufacturers from 1800 to the present. Find out the history of your piano. Fascinating reading.
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